Sludge Microwave Drying Equipment
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Sludge Microwave Drying Equipment

The hollow disc is completely perpendicular to the shaft and does not cut the material. The material is propelled and stirred by the action of the pushing/ stirring on the edge of the disk, and the drying surface is continuously updated, so that the purpose of drying can be realized. The characteristics of sludge are very sticky, and there is a special sticky phase in the drying process (moisture content is 40% - 60%). In this very narrow transition section, the sludge is very easy to agglomerate, the surface is hard and hard to crush, but the inside is still slime. When the sludge is dried in the cylinder, the device will rotate at a high speed, and the sludge in the sticky phase will be completely crushed into small particles, so as to improve the drying efficiency.

Drying can stabilize the sludge, thus reducing the putrid smell and improving the disinfection effect.

After heat transfer and drying, it is discharged out of the machine through the rotary joint. Rotary wing dryer can be used to produce dry fine powder and moist granular sludge. Central retention zone decides the residual moisture and physical size of final products. This machine is equipped with mixing tank to mix the sludge and flocculants. The flocculation process is important to make sure the floc-form is formed properly.

screw press sludge dewatering

If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request. The equipment is modular and has low on-site conditions and suitable installation on all occasions.It can be work with other device and apply to medium and small sites. Since KENKI DRYER consumes small amount of saturated steam as its heat source, there is no need to introduce additional boilers and also decarbonation and fuel cost reduction are possible by using left-over steam in factories. Update you the latest product information and price adjustment every year. With the principle of Energy Saving, Efficient and Practical, ZJN has dedicated in environmental protection business 26 years and achieved over 100 patents and ISO9001 certification.

All this can only be true if the air temperature is about the same as the surface around the container. Drying is important in fertilizer manufacturing in order to grind and mix the sludge, compact its weight and prevent it from continuing biological action, thereby further degrading it. The moisture content of dry sludge should be controlled and removed until it is less than 10%.

The gaseous low pressure refrigerant from the evaporator is boosted by the compressor and sent to the condenser. The high-pressure refrigerant flowing out of the condenser is depressurized by the expansion valve and flows into the evaporator to continue to absorb heat. Zhengzhou Taida new type air swept mill dryer is a brand new drying technology takes advantage of heat pump to eliminate moisture. Dehumidification pump is a kind of device which applies cooling system to coo and dehumidify hot air. With good drying effect, Zhengzhou Taida drying machine can fully achieve reduction, stabilization, harmlessness and recycling aim.

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