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Rollers are the segments exhausted with loads in bearing activity. They are additionally the most vulnerable part whose quality will straightforwardly influence the bearing's exhibition like turning speed, vibration level and adaptability. It's likewise the vital component for administration life of bearings. In view of various classes, rollers can be separated into circular, tightened, barrel shaped rollers. As indicated by various exactness level, they are separated into grade I, II and III.

ZWA's exactness circular roller bearings are china Split bearing supplier with least grade II and crude materials are with European norm. The creation limit of ZWA is 80,000 to 100,000 piece month to month.

pherical Rollers

The entirety of ZWA's round rollers are Symmetrical with circular fiducial surface.


Zero deformity culture, altered creation, European norm, progressed R&D focus, physical& compound labs acclimating the crude material quality, super-complete the process of crushing


External measurement from Φ20mm-Φ120mm

Different materials are accessible upon clients' solicitations

Different face profiles are accessible, for instance level, focus openings or dimples.

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