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The ball mill trunnion is a vital part to help and associate the chamber, and is likewise the gulf and outlet channel of the material. CHAENG takes on high-strength steel and special warmth treatment innovation, which makes ball mill trunnion have high hardness and solid effect obstruction.

Depiction of the bearing:

1) oneself adjusting ball bearing are made of an inward ring, an out ring, two lines of balls, and a pen. Typically the external ring of the bearing has a sphered raceway.

2) This sort of bearing is thus self-adjusting and heartless toward rakish misalignments of the shaft comparative with the lodging.

3) oneself adjusting ball bearing is especially reasonable for applications where extensive shaft diversions or misalignment are normal.

4) The inward ring of oneself adjusting ball bearing are normally tube shaped, and now and then are tighten ring, which has the sufix of "k"

5) Cage of the bearing: polyamide confine, steel confine.

6) sufix of the bearing:

M Machined metal enclosure, ball focused

2RS1 Sheet steel built up contact seal of acrylonitrile-butadiene elastic (NBR) china Ball mill bearing on the two sides of the bearing

TN Injection shaped snap-type enclosure of polyamide 66, ball focused

TN9 Injection shaped snap-type enclosure of glass fiber supported polyamide 66, ball focused

Poduct Features:

  • Self adjusting capacity.
  • Two sorts of inward bore, tube shaped bore and tighten bore
  • Spherical raceway on the external ring
  • Wide utilized
  • Low frication

The sort of bearings , segment materials utilized will decide the life expectancy, unwavering quality and execution of the bearings. Nonetheless, there are many elements influencing the exhibition of the bearings which incorporate the choice of the heap conveying limit, the moving contact conditions, and the tidiness of the working climate and the dimensional security of the bearing segments.

The Chocks are utilized for moving mills in metallurgy ventures. They are significant parts for different of mills, including ferros and non-ferrous moving mill (both virus mills and hot mills). We providing producing chocks and projecting chocks for work roll and back up roll. We can supply the great quality chocks to all clients all throughout the planet.


Single column profound notch ball bearings are adaptable, self-holding bearings with strong external rings, internal rings and ball and pen congregations. They are of a straightforward plan, powerful in activity and simple to keep up with. They are accessible in open and fixed plans. Because of the raceway math and the utilization of balls, profound score ball bearings can uphold hub powers in the two ways just as spiral powers.

Profound notch ball bearings are uncommonly evolved with an attention on low clamor levels and low frictional force. They are especially appropriate, for instance, for use in electrical hardware, ventilators, clothes washers and force devices.


On account of plan changes like worked on bearing kinematics, new seals and pens just as refined assembling measures, profound furrow ball bearings enjoy various benefits.

Lower commotion levels

The bearing is calmer in activity because of the better nature of the balls, the advanced surfaces, the higher soundness of the pen and the changed inward development.

Further developed fixing

Proficient security against the getaway of oil or the entrance of residue is given by the inventive hole seal plan. Stunningly better fixing is accomplished in the bearings with a lip seal running under pivotal contact. This is because of the seal plan and the maze work because of the coordinated with undermines in the external ring and inward ring.

Lower erosion

The erosion in the bearing is decreased by altered endearment and streamlining of surfaces, waviness and roundness.

Greater expense viability

Because of the lower erosion, energy costs for activity are decreased. The diminished oil misfortune, better security against defilement and decreased strain on the oil expand the oil working life and in this way the rating life of the bearing.


Open bearings are appropriate for high to extremely high velocities. Because of the assembling cycle, they have turned breaks for fixing washers and fixing safeguards. Bearings with the addition 2Z have hole seals on the two sides. These bearings are lubed utilizing a great oil, greased up forever and reasonable for high paces. In examination with ordinary hole seals, the transformed fixing safeguard configuration gives further developed fixing activity.

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