A beautiful, practical, waste-free lunch set from Konserve
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A beautiful, practical, waste-free lunch set from Konserve

It's picnic season and sadly, if you've been out in the countryside recently, you may have noticed an increase in picnic waste and food-related litter. This is one of those times when you realise how much packaging there is for everyday foods and how few people bother to dispose of them properly.

There is litter everywhere; on country roads, people throwing rubbish out of car windows, on the side of the road, strewn around picnic areas, plastic bags fluttering down from bushes and trees like flags, riverside paths blocked with soft drink cans and plastic bottles. All of this makes any waste reduction product a very good idea.

Non-toxic and safe - approved by the US Food and Drug china lunch bag for kids Administration

Take Kids Konserve's innovative Waste Free Lunch Kit as an example. It's a brilliant way to help encourage a passion for the environment and is perfect for packing food in any situation, from school box lunches to picnics and outdoor parties. They are absolutely free from harmful substances such as BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead and are completely non-toxic.

All Kids Konserve products meet the ultra-strict standards upheld by the US Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for safe food packaging through its Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Waste-free lunch pack contents

The lunch packs come in a recyclable cotton bag with a choice of funky, fun patterns. There is also a cute little cotton napkin that is practical and attractive. There is also a stainless steel drinks container, also with a bright print, made from safe, sturdy food grade stainless steel. There is also a food wrapper, which is a great idea, made from recyclable, safe, low-density polyethylene and perfect for wrapping anything from meat pies to slices of cake. Two leak-proof, lidded stainless steel containers for transporting liquids such as soup and a fun recycled aluminium name tag, which the kids really liked because it meant they could make their kits personal.

Environmentally friendly production under fair working conditions

Kids Konserve products are responsibly manufactured in China, India and Taiwan. The manufacturer is committed to green practices and supports the product inventors in their determination to minimise food waste. Factories are regularly audited by an independent body to ensure that conditions provide a fair and safe workplace, checking that environmental impact is as low as possible and that environmental standards are as high as possible.

Maintain your kit for a long life

The kit is very easy to care for, easy to wash and keep clean. The bag itself can be machine washed on an environmentally friendly cold water setting. The stainless steel drinks bottles can be hand washed with a mild soap or, if you prefer a simple alternative, diluted vinegar and baking soda. The two steel containers can be put in the dishwasher. Their lids are hand washable. The cotton napkins are machine washable and you can dry them if you wish. And the food tapes are long-lasting and are quick and easy to wash by hand and air-dry.

If you're looking for the perfect ethical gift for the kids this summer, the Kids Konserve lunch set is a fantastic idea.

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