Choosing The Right Laser Welding Machine
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Choosing The Right Laser Welding Machine

You have a great visualization and you have really presented this content in a really good manner. Before using your laser welding machine, you will need to verify several parameters. Here are some common precautions to take to ensure that your welding operations are a success.

Laser welding requires high workpiece assembly accuracy due to the small laser-focused spot size and narrow weld seam. The price of the laser and the accessories of the welding system is more expensive, so the initial investment and maintenance costs are higher than the traditional welding process, and the economic efficiency is poor. The welding process does not require electrodes or filler wire, and the melt zone is less contaminated, making the weld strength and toughness at least equal to or even exceed that of the parent metal.

The two-beam parallel and serial welding modes and welding at different welding speeds were studied. For high-reflective materials such as aluminum alloy, laser hybrid welding can preheat or melt the surface of the material by arc energy, which greatly improves the absorption of laser energy by aluminum alloy. Aiming at the stability of the aluminum alloy laser welding process and the quality of the weld. Once the “small hole” in the workpiece is formed, when the deep penetration welding starts, the absorption rate of the liquid metal to the laser increases rapidly after the metal is melted.

The power density is less than 104~105 W/cm2 for thermal conduction welding, when the melt depth is shallow and the welding speed is slow. The melt pool of laser-MIG composite welding is smaller than that of MIG welding, resulting in low heat input, a small heat-affected zone and low workpiece distortion, which greatly reduces the work of correcting weld distortion after welding. The biggest advantage of laser remote welding over conventional welding is increased productivity. The laser remote welding system is highly flexible and efficient, and one system can replace 6 to 9 sets of ordinary robotic spot welding. The motion system, which realizes the travel of the welding trajectory, also carries the laser brazing head and ancillary devices, water and gas circuits, etc. The wire feeding system is responsible for stable wire feeding during welding.

5) The beam intensity and fine positioning can be effectively controlled, and the operation can be easily automated. 3) High weld strength, toughness and overall performance due to purification and high cooling rate. Because of the incandescent heat source and the full absorption of non-metallic components, the impurity content is reduced, the size of the inclusions and their distribution in the melt pool are changed. The figure below shows the effect of the focal point position on the depth of melt and seam width of 1018 steel. Changes in the position of the focal point relative to the workpiece surface directly affect the weld width and depth. Focused spot size is proportional to the focal length, the shorter the focal length, the smaller the spot.

Given that tool steels for cores and cavities are typically hardened to about RC , that’s a 20-30% reduction in hardness. With pulsed laser welding, the softening is much lower, about 2 to 4 points RC. The pulsing of the beam (typically about 5-30 pulses per second) allows very fine control of how much energy is being directed to the weld. The laser is directed in high-energy bursts that allow the welder to move at a higher speed without generating more heat than necessary. With pulsed laser welding, a very precise beam is aimed at the filler material as it is laid down. Besides being more accurate to position, the width of the beam is highly controllable, with Alpha’s welding lasers, between 0.2 and 2.0 mm in diameter.

fiber laser welding machine

It integrates the advantages of standard welding head and swing head into one. Material is added to the weld joint usually in the form of metallic wire or powder. Materials are joined without the addition of extra filler materials which requires the highest level of fixturing and joint preparation.

Read this post to quickly gain a general view of its principles and types. Enjoy both manual laser welding and auto laser welding with one machine. Because process control is more precise, the range of process parameters is wider. The additional control provides even greater capability to laser weld dissimilar materials.

The laser beam can realize the spectrum separation on time and energy, it can do multi-beam processing at the same time, it provides the conditions for high precise welding. OREE laser hand-held fiber laser welding machine adopts the latest generation of fiber laser and is equipped with intelligent laser welding head. It has many advantages such as simple operation, beautiful welding line, fast welding speed and no consumables.

If it deviates from this position, the depth of melt decreases and even becomes a mode of unstable welding or stable thermal conduction welding. Deviation from this optimal focal position, the workpiece surface spot that becomes larger, causing the power density to become smaller, to a certain range, will cause changes in the form of the welding process. With the laser spot power density from small to large in order for stable thermal conduction welding, mode instability welding and stable deep fusion welding. The lower the beam pattern order, the better the beam focusing performance, the smaller the spot, the higher the power density at the same laser power, and the greater the weld depth and width. The most important quality requirements for lasers are beam pattern and output power and its stability.

Thanks to the “free-moving” concept, this process differs somewhat in laser welding systems. Welding is now performed with a stationary laser pulse, which is targeted through a stereo-microscope cross-hair. Operators hold jewelry pieces in their hands and rotate the piece to obtain the correct welding angle.

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